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"Managing our working life, learning and development and the important relationships we have is much more complicated than it ever used to be. Life is busy and the workplace itself demands greater resilience and self awareness, yet what happens now is that change happens so quickly that most of us need help from time to time to get through those hurdles that get thrown our way. Almost every working individual experiences times of being stuck or in a transition, unhappy at work or not being clear about what to do next or where their career could take them.

As a career management specialist and coach, I have the real privilege of working with individuals and employers, to help people to find clarity about how to manage the situation they find themselves in their career. In the process I aim to engage them on their own unique learning journey.

I offer career coaching, performance coaching, mentoring, training, and transition support to individuals, organisations and work teams. I work with other highly qualified and experienced specialists when there are large groups or projects. We work in a holistic and integrated way and are committed and inspired to make a real difference for YOU, and all the people we work with."

Kaye Avery

Career Management Specialist

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"Phone me on 021 474765 or after hours 09 521 1817 to discuss how we can support you to achieve the outcomes you want"

Kaye Avery

Career Management Specialist, Coach and Facilitator
Consulting rooms at 86 College Hill, Freemans Bay, Auckland
After hours office in Glendowie, Auckland

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'Professionalism in Career Coaching'

Article in Human Resources Magazine
Oct/Dec 2014

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Latest coaching feedback

I've enjoyed our sessions Kaye. I know that this little bit of planning has now given me the knowledge that there are a few things I need to do over the coming years if that vision of my life is to come to pass. I wasn't sure whether you were the right person to see because our time together had been in a corporate setting. And I knew that I was going through something more personal than that. But I believe it was mean to be. I appreciate your holistic approach and your encouragement to seek out a life that satisfies me.
GB, Commercial Manager

I found all that Kaye provided me, counselling, discussion, confidence and tools, were invaluable and were a large part of the reason why I was successful with the role. NJ

Kaye, I very much appreciate my sessions with you. I do feel now that I am in the driver seat, and that the quality of life for me has improved as a result of my/our talks and guidance from you. I see exciting and challenging times ahead - with me being a stronger person and ready to embrace the future. I will keep in touch many thanks from me. RD

Kaye uses her wide-ranging experience and great communication skills to provide solid and valuable advice and tools. She helped me to identify career goals and personal values to explore options. The process providing me with sensible and practical action plans.
FE, Manager Libraries

Workshop Feedback

Govt Department - participant
"Kaye is a very good presenter and
knows her work very well
"Kaye needs a promotion!" "Thank you! - for an excellent
workshop and great help"
"In-depth knowledge on how to
prepare [for change]"
"A very worthwhile session" "A great workshop, very
useful information. To the point.
Will be of great assistance."

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